Meet The Team

Lisa and Grant

About Us and Our Company


It is with their whole heart and soul that Lisa Dailey, and her son Grant Dailey, have co-founded and established Your Photos Forever.  Both Lisa and Grant hope that the products created through their company will celebrate, honor, and serve you, in a world that needs more expressions of love and connection.  Their philosophy is that photographs are pure emotion, pure memories, and by compiling them into a simple, elegant, and beautiful video format, they’re making a contribution to the world by uplifting the hearts of people.


Lisa Dailey

Having spent decades in the corporate environment and then moving into self-employment within a regulated industry, the time became ripe to make the leap into the realm of creative and artistic endeavors, and by taking this step, it fulfill

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Grant Dailey

Grant has a natural instinct for perfection in all that he does. He is the nuts and bolts of our video productions. His talent is second to none in crafting and producing our products.

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