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Memorabilia Demo

Memorabilia Demo

Downsizing is a growing trend. A dilemma everyone faces at some point is whether or not to keep or give away; sell or store memorabilia. If keeping certain physical objects is no longer an option in your life, why not take photographs of the items, and organize them into a handy video?

Even if you elect to keep and store these precious items, such as school projects, a doll collection, toy trains, or a piece of furniture you love, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have easy access to them by viewing them in a movie format?

Memorabilia, and collectibles “stored” in this manner could also be counted as your emotional “insurance policy” against fire, natural disasters, or theft. You would have created a way to memorialize the items, plus, in a very pragmatic way, give account for them in case of an actual insurance claim.

We feel that we have come up with a brilliant solution to use technology, not only meet your practical needs, but also the needs of your heart!




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