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Wedding Day Demo

Wedding Day Demo

Now the wedding day is over and it’s time to get on with the business of building your marriage.  Your photographer has delivered to you hundreds of wedding photos.  That’s a good problem to have! But, before you know it, the years have passed and a majority of them are still sitting in a box on your closet shelf.

Same holds true of the photos you took of that bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital.  Did you know the memories of your little baby can be honored and brought to life again, by displaying them in a unique and playful way?

Change the status quo of photos lying around unorganized and stashed away out of view.  It doesn’t matter how young or old your baby has become, or how long ago you married the love of your life, bring us your photos and favorite song(s), and we’ll build a platform for your cherished photographs to dance upon forever!





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