For Our Business Partners

For Our Business Partners

An Invitation to Do Business Together

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Any business owner will admit that it takes successful relationships to raise a company to a level of success.  Would you agree that there’s something extraordinary in helping each other find achievement?

We are looking for active business partners to share referrals and mutually participate in growing our customer base. Do you own and operate a memorial chapel? Do you organize event planning? Are you a bridal coordinator? We welcome you to look through our website to learn more about us.

Social gatherings are enhanced by presenting a custom video montage for client’s special events.  They entertain, move hearts, and add value to any occasion.  We invite you to form a relationship with our company, knowing that when you refer your clients, you can trust us to produce simple, but elegant video slideshows, customized to the exact specifications which fit your customer’s wishes. We’d like to get to know you, and earn the right to become your number one choice to produce your client’s video montage!

To receive a referral from your organization would be an absolute honor, and for that reason, we offer discounts directly to your customers for sending them our way. In addition, we will reward you for sending referrals to us on a regular basis.

Please Contact Us today. We are looking forward to building a new relationship with you soon!



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