Frequently Asked Questions


What is a video montage?  A montage is the creation of a single composition, by combining various artful elements from other sources. The components blend together to create its own entity. Your Photos Forever combines photos and music soundtracks to create a “movie” of these items in video format. 

Who and what should be included in my video?  We encourage you to include friends, family, pets, scenery of your travels, and items that are meaningful to you.  The theme of your video will dictate the content.  A variety of photos add interest.  Please consider adding photos of your wedding invitation, metals of honor, your numbered sports jersey, a memorial brochure, etc.  We default to a black background on all our videos, so if you’re interested in another color such as white, please let us know in advance.  Also, we encourage the use of collages and any other creative photos you wish to use.  We do provide services to create collages for an additional fee.  We are more than happy to do custom photo editing at your request.

Why do you call it a ‘story’?  First and foremost, stories are meaningful!  Stories also have a beginning, and are progressive by nature.  We ask that you present your photos to us in the order of the timeline when they occurred.  By doing this, it removes the elements of ‘guessing’ on our part.

How do I get my photos to you?  Our preferred method of receiving your photos is by electronic means, through ZoomFoot, Dropbox, MSN OneDrive, or any other accessible ‘cloud’-type vehicle.  Also, there are other options to consider, such as a USB Flashdrive, CD, or hard copy photographs.  Depending upon your location, they could be hand delivered or mailed.  Since we recognize that your physical photos are a cherished item, we strongly encourage you to consider your tolerance to risk by the means in which you deliver them to us.  While in our possession, we have nothing but respect for them while they are entrusted to our care.  Please refer to our How to Place Your Order page for detailed instructions.

What if I don’t feel comfortable choosing my own music?  We developed our business model around you, our customer, providing us with your music choice.  We understand that if you cannot freely access the music of your choice, we make resources available that you can go which offer a library of royalty free music.  Under our Resources page, we’ve provided links to music websites that are both free and those which include a fee.  Please note that its important to provide music clips that run at the minimum length suggested for the photo package you purchase.

May I include a video or audio clips from my mobile phone?  Yes, we encourage the use of these clips, as they add dimension and further personalize your video.  Please refer to our What It Costs page to see if your the elements you’d like to add-on need to be custom quoted.

What if I have ideas for my video that are not mentioned anywhere on your website?  Awesome!  We enjoy learning about your creative ideas, and would like to discuss them with you.  We’ll let you know if there’s an additional fee associated with implementing it.

How long will it take to produce my video?  We work within a standard turn- around time of ten business days, plus the time it takes to ship to you.  But, we realize that under certain circumstances, such as funeral or memorial services, that you may need it on a rush basis.  We will gladly work with your unique time frame, with the potential of an added fee.

What other services do you provide?  At this time, we primarily focus on the creation of our video product, with potential to expand in the future.  We offer upgrades to our current product. Please refer to our pricing page to learn more. We are happy to provide quotes for anything we haven’t specifically addressed.

We would like to create a tribute for our loved one who just passed away.  Is there anything special we need to tell you?  Yes, we would like to be told your loved one’s name as you wish it to appear on the video and DVD case.  Also, please let us know their date of birth, and date of passing.  Since the tribute is typically shown at their funeral, wake, or memorial service, we want to make sure we clearly know the deadline you must receive it by.  Also, we wish to express our deepest condolences to you during this difficult time.

I’m a funeral director and would like to refer my clients to you, as video tributes greatly enhance the memorial services.  If I referred my clients to you on a regular basis, is there any type of compensation for my company?  We’re so glad you asked!  Please contact us by phone or email as we welcome dialogue with ALL service industry providers.  Like you, we welcome building relationships with bridal coordinators, event planners, small business owners, etc.  We are willing to discuss incentives to gain your referrals.  Please take a look at For Our Business Partners page for more detail.

I’m confused.  Why would I pay for shipping and handling to return my hard copy photos, when you’ve stated that you offer free shipping and they could be mailed along with my product?  Good question!  Although we gladly offer free shipping anywhere within the USA, if we were to include your hard copy photographs with your product, we would be returning them to you in a manner which we feel could increase the risk of loss.  We prefer to ship them back to you by taking extra protective measures.  Of course, keep in mind that if the photos we work with were received electronically, there would be no photos to safeguard and indeed, free shipping is always offered to deliver your product.

What if I encounter technical difficulties when I receive my DVDWe produce all of our DVD in a high resolution format.  We test each and every DVD before they are shipped to make sure they are in good working order.  They should play in all DVD units.  We do occasionally have questions on how to access the content of the DVD when playing on a Smart and/or Blu-Ray unit.  If your player gives you the option to view a ‘Video’ vs. a ‘Data File’, it will typically be found under ‘Video’.  You may see a ‘Data File’ option as a sub-category under ‘Video’.  The content will be shown with it’s actual file name, for example, “Betty and John’s Wedding Day”.  If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us and we will do our best to walk you through any technical problems.

Why should I pay attention to your Terms & Conditions?  We ask all our customers to review our Terms and Conditions, and require that you agree to the terms set forth prior to beginning work on your video.  If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to ask.

Is there anything else I need to know about the creation of my video that I haven’t already asked? Yes! We use a primary photo on the cover of your gift DVD case, DVD label, and as an introduction at the beginning of your video. Please let us know if you have a photo preference, or not.  Also, if you wish for us to build in a certain theme, or preferred color scheme, please let us know.  Otherwise, the photos tend to tell their own story!

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