What We Do

-What We Do- 

What is a Video Montage?

A montage is the creation of a single composition, by combining artful elements from various sources.  The components blend together to create its own entity.  Your Photos Forever combines your photos and music soundtracks to create a “movie” of these items in video format.

What we do 

We create personalized movie videos, also called video montages, made with your cherished photographs, and choice of music. Your DVDs come packaged with a custom slim DVD Case and Label.  Choose Your Photos Forever to create your lasting memory, and add that personal touch to your DVD collection. When it comes to photographs, this is all about YOUR unique story! It’s the perfect means to tell it in an extraordinary way; a way that lives on and can be shared with future generations. Consider this to be a rare and precious gift you give to yourself, and also to the other people in your life who appreciate items that’s can’t be purchased at a department store.  Any event that is worthy of filling up your camera with photographs, is worthy of celebrating it with a video montage!

Consider the following ideas:

  • Celebrations – Weddings, Milestone Birthdays, Children, and Pets
  • Memorial Tributes for loved ones who have passed away
  • A unique way to showcase your portfolio of Art and Photography
  • Organize your Vintage photos as a gift to future generations
  • Unforgettable moments in little league
  • Digitize your Memorabilia and collections
  • And much, much more!


“Do you long for a way to tell YOUR story in a unique, powerful, and inspiring way?  Would you like to emotionally impact others?  Does the idea of telling it over and over again sound appealing?”

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